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Layering Double Helix striking and reducing silver glass is all the rage right now and I have been caught up in making these shocking pink, magenta and red beads that also shimmer gloriously with iridescence. It’s hard to resist! Trouble is that it’s near impossible to tell them apart unless one takes meticulous notes and photograph them as soon as they come out of the kiln. Trust me, I know! So early on, I have made it a point to keep copious notes of my progress. As I experimented with different base glass and various silver glass, my notebook for just this series grew and became quite a nice little reference piece. I decide that perhaps some of my fellow beadmakers may be interested in having a copy as well. I have put it together in such a way that they are shown in different silver glass on the same base, as well as the same silver glass on various bases. I especially love the group shots for even closer scrutiny of the subtleties of these combinations. I hope you enjoy Bedazzled!

bedazzled bead

The last four pages of this ebook are for those of you who may want a mini poster or two around your torching area for a quick reference to the different color combinations. Actually, the entire eBook can be printed out as mini posters! :)

Bedazzled eBook is 17 pages long with over 75 unique images. It is not a step-by-step tutorial on creating any bead but a reference guide on the various layering recipes to achieve the HOT, HOT, HOT colors that bedazzle! For those who are not familiar with the layering technique, a two-page basic tutorial with basic sample dot beads is included.

This pdf version of Bedazzled, at 13.6 mb, is for viewing on your computer. You may also print one (1) copy for your personal use. Please make sure you have high-speed internet connection.

Instant download for $23.00 – 50% off discount automatically applied in 2020


Bedazzled is also available as a print-on-demand, saddle-stitch (stapled) bound book at for $38.00 plus shipping, click here for details.

bedazzled bead

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